Akashic Record Readings

What Are Akashic Records?    

The Akashic Records refer to a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. They are said to contain the information of every Soul or Being in the cosmos. The Akashic Records contain the energetic prints about the origination and journey of every Soul through its lifetimes. 

The Akashic Records are read from the Now Timeline. All about the past, present and future is brought into the “Now”. We get a glimpse into the journey and the path of a Soul through the Universe.

A reading into your Akashic Records can raise your vibration and allow your soul to have a voice. It is a powerful way to lift you up and assists you on your life journey.

How to prepare for my reading

When you are preparing your questions, you should think about specific questions, not just general ones. The more specific questions you prepare the best answers you can get. If you have a personal reading, first take those questions what matters you the most and leave at the end what is „less” important and just for your curiosity because sometimes they will be answered as we go along. 

What can I expect from my Akashic Records Reading

To access your Akashic Records, we will use your full name. Our time together will start with me reciting a short, sacred prayer.  This raises the vibration and allows me to access your Akashic Record. Next, I will ask if I can share with you what I receive because sometimes I receive images of your guides and loved ones.  Then, I’ll ask you to tell me your story – in other words, what issue led you to contact me.  In this part of the session, don’t hold back.  The more sincere and specific you are, the better. Remember, we are working to move you towards joy by uncovering soul level truths.

As you are talking, I’ll be receiving information from your Masters, Teachers (including your spirit guides), and Loved Ones directly from your Akashic Record.

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