What Happens at an Akashic Records Party or Bachelorette Party: It's a fun, healing and uplifting experience. Everyone receives a private reading. Sessions are 20 minutes each and the cost is $45. (Please note, for travel out of state, sessions start at $55.)  In addition to the messages from your Angels, Guides and Loved ones in spirit, you will receive a free gift from me.

Benefits/Duties from the Host/Hostess: You'll have a fun time gathering friends and family together, but it's a little work. As a thank you, the host receives a discounted or free session! Use it the day of the party or save it for later. The host must also provide me with a space for readings, including a table and 2 chairs and a little bit of privacy if possible. The host my want to provide some light snacks for the guests. The host is in charge of inviting and securing guests and assigning each guest a time, ( one person every 25 minutes). The host must provide me with everyone's name  and emails. I will send out emails welcoming them to the party along with some homework. I will send them a PayPal invoice that must be paid in full within 3 days of the party.

Minimum Guests: (Based on driving distance one way from my house if Friendship, WI)

*Within 30 Minutes: 5 paid guest minimum-host receives 50% off their session, 6 or more paid guests - the host is free!

* 30 min or 1 hour: 6 paid guest minimum, host receives 50% off their session, 8 or more paid guests - host is free!

* 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours: 8 paid guest minimum, host is free with 8 guest minimum

* 1 1/2 hours and beyond: 10 paid guest minimum, host is free with 10 guest minimum

Maximum Guests: Due to time, there is a 15 paid guest maximum (16 including the host)

Cancellation Policy: Stuff happens, I get it! If I need to cancel or reschedule the party at any time, I will reschedule the party or offer a full refund. If the host cancels the party 72 hours ( 3 days) prior to the event, all sessions with be refunded (or put towards a rescheduled party or private session). for cancellations made less than 72 hours; All deposits may only be put towards a future party or private session within 60 days or they will be forfeited.

Please contact Lisa via:

E-Mail- Lisasenergyhealing@gmail.com

Phone: (630) 334-3118

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