More About The Akashic Records:


The Akashic Records are a vibrational record or database of the past, present, and future of all beings throughout creation.

Akashic Records are maintained by beings known colloquially as The Lords of the Records. These lords serve as “active librarians” in so much that they are always updating Records to include our current and future intentions and reflection of the impact of all choices and actions we take. These Lords also serve as a sort of consultant, angel, and messenger by showing willingness to share knowledge, insight, and wisdom to those who ask for their assistance with good intentions.



In This One-on-One Class You Will Learn:


How to access the Akashic Records for yourself and others through the Pathway Prayer Process

Develop a personal relationship between your intuition and the Akashic Records

Build skills and confidence accessing and working in the records

How working with the records will benefit you and those around you

And of course, learning more about yourself.

You'll receive a FREE One Hour Akashic Records Reading from Lisa.

PLUS you'll have a group of like minded people, just like yourself to do Akashic Records Reading exchanges with. 


Things you should know prior to this online class:

This is 8 hour class

You must read the book “How to Access the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and its Journey -Linda Howe”

Please do not drink any alcohol or take any kind of recreational drugs 24 hours prior to the class.

You will need a notebook, pen, and plenty of water to drink

About the Facilitator:


Lisa Reining studied the Akashic Records with Christina Cross a professional known within the Chicago Illinois area, from 2015-2018. She has studied hard and the Lords of the Records are channeled through her so that clients receive powerful, clear messages that always include love and guidance


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