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Animal Communication Class:


 Animal communication offers you the chance to discover answers to questions that often cross your mind. Have you ever wondered what your pet companion is thinking? Do you struggle with knowing what the right decision for your pet is? Do you wish you could communicate and express certain circumstances to your pet companion but doubt your ability to get the message across?


Luckily for you, you're not alone. Animal communication is not an exclusive gift for special animal intuitive. I have guided several people just like you that question is it the animal or me? Am I just making this up? These thoughts can be frustrating, but I can tell you that is is possible to understand how your pet feels about their food, siblings, and health!

Learning animal communication means you will no longer be frustrated trying to figure out your pet's feeling and needs. The guidance I offer will help you find clarity in the language you create with your pet so that you can offer them a great life and give yourself peace of mind along the way. 

What you receive from the Animal Communication Course:

  • Information on how to become a good and ethical animal communicator

  • Assistance with tapping into your animal communication abilities

  • Stronger intuition about your pet and their needs.


Who should take the Animal Communication Course?

 Anyone that spends time with animals can benefit from this course!  Communicating with animals is a skill that can directly help:

  • All pet owners and animal lovers

  • Animal rescuers

  • Shelter workers and volunteers

  • Pet Groomers, sitters, and caregivers

  • Dog walkers

  • Vet care personnel

  • Or any person involved in pet related businesses!


One-On-One Animal Communication Course


In this one-on-one animal communication course, you will learn how to quiet your mind and develop the essential tools that’ll assist you in ethical animal communication.  You will learn the best practices, be provided with foundational skills, and broaden your senses when communicating with animals. Together we will practice relaxing the body and mind, learn how to send and receive information, and practice communicating with animals effectively through the use of images, thoughts, and emotions.


Please email or message me for the price

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