What Happens at an Akashic Records Party, Medium Reading Party or Bachelorette Party: It's a fun, healing and uplifting experience. Everyone receives a private reading. Sessions are 20 minutes each and the cost is $45. (Please note, for travel out of state, sessions start at $55.)  In addition to the messages from your Angels, Guides and Loved ones in spirit, you will receive a free gift from me.

Minimum Guests: (Based on driving distance one way from my house if Friendship, WI)

*Within 30 Minutes: 5 paid guest minimum-host receives 50% off their session, 6 or more paid guests - the host is free!

* 30 min or 1 hour: 6 paid guest minimum, host receives 50% off their session, 8 or more paid guests - host is free!

* 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours: 8 paid guest minimum, host is free with 8 guest minimum

* 1 1/2 hours and beyond: 10 paid guest minimum, host is free with 10 guest minimum

Maximum Guests: Due to time, there is a 15 paid guest maximum (16 including the host)

Please contact me if this sounds like something your interested in.