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.Carl and I had the best session with animal communicator Lisa it was very healing to connect with Lou thank you soul much I recommend her if your struggling with a loss of your pet or if you just wants to know wtf your pet is thinking.


Animal Communication with a pet thats's passed

Thank you for the follow up. I really enjoyed the Akashic Records session. It was very validating and helpful.
You provided a very safe and calming environment, even in the midst of expo.
It was also all on point and touched on the very areas that are in need of healing.
Thank you so much for the session. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts when I am in need of another session, or to recommend you to a loved one.


Akashic Reading

Here is my review. We had an amazing animal communication session with Lisa. She was fun and loving. Made our Pepper dog feel at ease and comfortable with talking with Lisa. We were able to understand some things that were going on and can now work with Pepper on those things. If you would like to connect with your fur baby on a deeper level. I  would recommend contacting Lisa. Again she has an amazing gift.


Animal Comunication

Lisa was offering free healing on her feed, and I said you can work on my ankle. So later in the day, I got a private message stating she did the healing,  what came through as far as a message and healing was remarkable. She was right on with what she was feeling and the message. I'm also having some itching going on with the ankle which clearly is a sign of healing. I will definitely use her for a paid session in the future when needed. Thank you, Lisa, for doing what you do!



Lisa was amazing! She was in tune with my Lucky dog I knew immediately she would do a wonderful job when she talked about one of his funny antics! 
Lisa was spot on, professional, and personable. 
She even answered a question I had a couple hours after the session was finished. 
You can't go wrong with Lisa! 
Love and light to all


Animal communication

Hey my beautiful sister!  I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with Fred and momma kitty!  It was so hard watching such a sweetheart cat fend for himself outside in the nasty weather the past 2 years.  Even though we would feed and pet him multiple times a day when he would stop by for some grub, not being able to take him into the house was just breaking my heart.  When you talked to him and asked him about going to my sisters house, I just melted that he was OK with it and was ready to help my sister start healing too.  He is staying in my sister's office for now until he goes to the vet, but I know they are all looking forward to him getting used to the rest of the house and the other pets.  He just loves looking out the window when he sits on the bench up there and has bed he sits in right by my sister while she works.  He is so very loved by so many people now and I am super excited that I get to still visit him when I go to my sister's. 

Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for helping us all be OK with taking him out of the yard and moving him to a safe place.  I was so worried he would be mad for taking him away from the momma kitty or that the momma and baby kitties would stop coming because they all seemed so attached to each other.  Momma kitty is now bringing new friends over to grab some food - Oh MY!

Love you lots!!!


Animal Communication for local wildlife

Thank you for emailing me. It was very nice to meet you too. And to be honest you went beyond my expectations. I expected to feel a little bit more positive after the exercise. I however did not expect for you to have such insight into my personal life. For you to confirm negative believes that I hold onto that I need to let go of was a huge awakening for me. And I appreciate you taking the time and care to work with me. After visiting with you it’s really opened my eyes to the person that I used to be that the world has changed. And I am very grateful for that.

Norma L.

Reiki Reading

I really enjoyed my reading. It was probably the best one I've ever had and you seemed very kind. A lot of things you said were very helpful. I'm just trying to protect my energy better since I am around a bunch of negative energies when I bar tend. I notice I'm usually down after working. I've been trying to use what you mentioned in a reading because it was all helpful. Thank you so much.

Marilyn N.

Akashic Records Reading

Lisa helped me understand what my dog was thinking. Garth was very open with Lisa and the connection I now feel with him is so much stronger. I am so thankful for the experience!


Animal Communication

She helped me with my dog before he was having surgery on what he was thinking and that he wanted me to play meditation music on the way to the vet and that helped. Lisa was very helpful it was great she was able to communicate with him  and she was able to tell me things about him.                             


Animal Communication

Reflexology feet and hands. So calming and relaxing yet gave me a spring in my step and energy the rest of the day. Lisa has the right touch!!! Thanks so much.

Betsy Peachey-Ward


 I just had an amazing Akashic Record reading done by Lisa today.
Right from the start, she was so accurate with her animal helper, who just happens to be one of my animal totems!
The reading was inciteful, and brought up many factors that have played a part in my life. 
The reading affirmed some answers I suspected in my life course, but also brought in a couple of issues that I was fearful of and had put behind me. The fact that these even became apparent was surprising! And I was urged to pursue these avenues, which I plan to do! So very thankful to Lisa!

Bev, from Zephyr, Ontario, Canada

Akashic Records Reading

Lisa has been so amazing assisting me and my beautiful dog. She is so caring and has a special gift with animals and how she connects to them. My dog loved her. She took care of him for me when i had to go out of town and didn't want to kennel him at 14 years old. I knew he felt safe and comfortable with her and she gave me great updates during the week. She got to know his personality and her personal touch is incredible. She even went above and beyond when he has an issue and took him to the vet for a check, and gave him medicine. i have complete trust in Lisa to give my animal the best care.


Lisa also assisted me with a very difficulty time when my dog was 15 and started having seizures. He was family and a very special soul in my life, and now he was sick for the first time ever in his life. i was so scared and uncertain and i called on Lisa for help. She came and sat with us and connected to my dog. She calmed me and gave me clarity on deciding my next step for him and what he wanted. I wanted him to get better so i tried medications but a week later he got worse and Lisa connected with him and we knew he didn't want to feel this way and was ready to transition. i was a wreck and i could't have gotten through this difficult time without her. She was at the animal hospital with us and gave both me and my dog peace. Her gift and skills are so valuable to humans and animals. I am so grateful and would highly recommend her services to anyone in need. 


Animal Care

Whenever Lisa comes to my home my four kitties and two dogs flock to her so that she could listen to what they had to say. When she does Reiki on them, they go into a trance and always want more.


Animal Reiki

I first met Lisa in an Akashic Records class a few years ago and we immediately hit it off and began to practice readings on each other. It only took one reading to see that Lisa is a natural and gifted healer. Her work with the records has brought so much healing to my life. She has helped me overcome heartbreak, job loss, homelessness and picked me up in my moments of deep despair. Lisa is such a kind, loving, caring and supportive teacher and friend. Her readings are accurate and encouraging, yet she will gently tell you how it is and still be by your side supporting you every step of the way. Through Lisa's readings, I received so much insight about myself, my relationships, how to let go of pride and ego and how to take control of my life. I highly recommend you get yourself a reading with Lisa. You will thank yourself for doing so! I know I have been blessed to have met her and you will be too!


Akashic Records Reading

When I re-homed my hairless cat Bella, I knew deep in my heart it was what was best for her, AND at the same time I needed to know if she understood that I loved her very much and I did what I thought was best for her. With the new owners permission, Lisa was able to tap into Bella and share some very touching information that helped me fully release her to her new life. Thank you Lisa! So grateful for your wonderful gift


Animal Communication

Lisa is skillful, kind and packed with passion about supporting people and their pets. If you haven't worked with her yet, be sure to reach out to her right away. You won't be disappointed!


Lisa has such an incredibly warm and calming effect on animals and humans alike. It's truly amazing how she gives animals a forum for communication. And her healing ability is outstanding!


Animal Comunication

Lisa's expert animal communication and energy healing skills blew me away. After a traumatic experience of my fur-baby not eating for an entire week, for my vet trained pet sitter, while I was away on vacation I knew I had to have Lisa come in and help me understand what was going on. My cat is normally afraid of most people, but Lisa's energy was calm and inviting. I learned so much about my cat from Lisa's communication with her. Why she hadn't ate the entire time I was gone, what she likes and doesn't like, and how I can better communicate with her myself now and for future trips away from her so she knows what's going on, is not scared and feels safe and loved. Thank you so much Lisa for the gift of better understanding my furbaby!


Animal Communication

Lisa’s approach to her clients is deeply loving and compassionate.  She has a rare gift for working with animals and their human companions, combining intuitive insight with sensitive therapeutic skills.  My ailing senior cat, who is very picky, welcomed both communication and healing bonds with Lisa, which helped us both enormously.  Lisa was kind but clear in her guidance with me.  I am grateful for her excellent work with us. 


Animal Communication

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