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Reiki and Animal Reiki


Lisa was offering free healing on her feed, and I said you can work on my ankle. So later in the day, I got a private message stating she did the healing,  what came through as far as a message and healing was remarkable. She was right on with what she was feeling and the message. I'm also having some itching going on with the ankle which clearly is a sign of healing. I will definitely use her for a paid session in the future when needed. Thank you, Lisa, for doing what you do!


Thank you for emailing me. It was very nice to meet you too. And to be honest you went beyond my expectations. I expected to feel a little bit more positive after the exercise. I however did not expect for you to have such insight into my personal life. For you to confirm negative believes that I hold onto that I need to let go of was a huge awakening for me. And I appreciate you taking the time and care to work with me. After visiting with you it’s really opened my eyes to the person that I used to be that the world has changed. And I am very grateful for that.
- Norma L.

Whenever Lisa comes to my home my four kitties and two dogs flock to want more.her so that she could listen to what they had to say. When she does Reiki on them, they go into a trance and always 


I had such powerful connection to Lisa, I could talk to her for hours. My kitty boy was very ill, with unknown factors going on. Lisa was super grounding and knowledgeable, as well as an amazing Reiki healer and communicator. She helped us all through a shaky moment, and gave lots of support. My kitty boy, has somehow rebounded, thanks to her helping me tune in, and we had another session about our move and his happiness. She gets him and after the session, he was in a very prideful Lion state, which gave us so much happiness. She's gold.  ‍


- Cynthia Miller

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