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Thank you for the follow up. I really enjoyed the Akashic Records session. It was very validating and helpful. You provided a very safe and calming environment, even in the midst of expo. It was also all on point and touched on the very areas that are in need of healing. Thank you so much for the session. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts when I am in need of another session, or to recommend you to a loved one.


I really enjoyed my reading. It was probably the best one I've ever had and you seemed very kind. A lot of things you said were very helpful. I'm just trying to protect my energy better since I am around a bunch of negative energies when I bar tend. I notice I'm usually down after working. I've been trying to use what you mentioned in a reading because it was all helpful. Thank you so much.

-Marilyn N.

I first met Lisa in an Akashic Records class a few years ago and we immediately hit it off and began to practice readings on each other. It only took one reading to see that Lisa is a natural and gifted healer. Her work with the records has brought so much healing to my life. She has helped me overcome heartbreak, job loss, homelessness and picked me up in my moments of deep despair. Lisa is such a kind, loving, caring and supportive teacher and friend. Her readings are accurate and encouraging, yet she will gently tell you how it is and still be by your side supporting you every step of the way. Through Lisa's readings, I received so much insight about myself, my relationships, how to let go of pride and ego and how to take control of my life. I highly recommend you get yourself a reading with Lisa. You will thank yourself for doing so! I know I have been blessed to have met her and you will be too!


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